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On the old railway track

Most mornings we try to keep up the exercise routine and on this particular morning my walk was along part of Hadleigh railway walk. But, before even stepping out of the door, this little creature came to view. It is an Orange Swift or Triodia sylvina in latin. Photo taken against an almost white background. Having started my walk at this stage, I was entering the wood leading to a footpath that I wanted to follow and took a peek into one of my favourite trees on the route. The sun was just catching the branches and combined with the texture of the trunks, it made an appealing shot. I was pleased with the result. Like two people embracing maybe? After an enjoyable walk I took this unusual signpost at the entrance to the walk. Rather different, I thought. So, a few details of the railway: The Hadleigh Railway was a 7 1⁄2-mile (12.1 km) long single track branch railway line in Suffolk, England that ran from Bentley Junction on the Great Easte

Do horses play?

While out for a walk today (a rather dull morning), I came across these horses chasing around a field and then stopping to engage in what looked like playful activities, before galloping away again. I suppose they are playing as they were watched, and followed by the two horses in the background. Anyway, it made for some good images I thought. Home      Forward      Back

Pigs Gone Wild

The local news announced the appearance of Piggies in Ipswich like this:  A herd of pig sculptures is to go on display in Ipswich as the town becomes the latest place to host an art trail for charity. Forty models will be dotted around the streets and waterfront as part of the "Pigs Gone Wild" art trail in summer 2016, in aid of St Elizabeth Hospice. The animals, chosen to "celebrate Suffolk's rich agricultural heritage", will be decorated by local artists. The first thing, as grandparents, that crossed our mind was `What a great idea for some fun with Izobelle.` Sure enough the idea appealed and over the course of the summer we explored Ipswich with Izobelle and to be honest great fun was had by all, including grandparents! So, here goes with images of some of the pigs. Not all of them, but a large selection. Let's mark off - Pinata Piggy. Ed Sheer-Ham - say no more. A nod to our local pop idol. Hamlet of Ipswich Lit

Fun with the grandchildren

Grandchildren are a great source of joy as you watch them change and grow before your eyes. Sometimes a source of trepidation as you wonder about the world they are growing up in, certainly different to our one. I guess it's a case of `just enjoying` the moments and protecting them where necessary. Anyway, some images on a day in Thetford Forest with Izobelle and her mum. Actually Izobelle, that is a musical instrument. You are supposed to hit it! Yes, the right idea this time! We all were s urprised   when Izabelle said `I want to go on a horse` Now, do I touch this sleeping monster? Yes! I might need Mum`s help here. Now I am brave enough on my own. Top rung. Emily showing no fear as she swung from the willow tree. Home      Forward      Back