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Winter brings floods to Layham & Hadleigh

Some years we appear to have a considerable amount more wet weather than others. During these times, Layham takes on a new look, and indeed, the whole area does. This year was one of the wetter ones, although not the worst we have seen. Here are some of the images I have taken when we have experienced large rainfalls. The seat in the conservation area. You needed wellingtons to reach it, and the view was a bit different from normal. Where does the river start or finish? The path through the trees is flooded, but the odd oasis produces the occasional surprise. ... such as crocuses still managing to produce some colour. .... and snowdrops. It's as well that this house is standing on pillars of brick, although this year the water was not quite as deep but near enough. Facing the other way, the garden? and tennis court of the neighbours property. The water as it thunders under the bridge and down the overflow beside the b

Crocus and Snowdrops - Spring is here!

After the cold of Winter it is always a heartwarming sight to see the first signs of spring. A visit to the Castle grounds in Colchester provided a perfect opportunity to see Crocus in their glory. Well worth a look. Crocus in the Colchester Castle Park Close up of some of these glorious little flowers.  Then, to see a great display of Snowdrops, a visit to another castle, this time Hedingham. Open every year for this beautiful display  Some closer images of the Snowdrops.  Spring would not be complete without Catkins! This display was in Lackford Lakes, north of Bury St Edmunds.  Beside numerous other buds appearing in the hedgerow, there were plenty of Horse Chestnut buds to be seen. It just lifts the spirits to see winter retreating and Spring and Summer just round the corner!  Then, of course, there are Daffodils. Always a Spring favourite. Forsythia in full bloom Cherry Plum (Nigra)