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Anglesey Abbey

Anglesey Abbey is a great place to visit and is very family orientated as well. A community of Augustinian canons built a priory here, known as Anglesea or Anglesey Priory, some time during the reign of Henry I (i.e., between 1100 and 1135), and acquired extra land from the nearby village of Bottisham in 1279. The canons were expelled in 1535 during the Dissolution of the Monasteries. The former priory was acquired around 1600 by Thomas Hobson, who converted it to a country house for his son-in-law, Thomas Parker, retaining a few arches from the original priory. At that time the building's name was changed to "Anglesey Abbey", which sounded grander than the original "Anglesey Priory". Further alterations to the building were carried out in 1861. Now it is a beautiful garden to visit, owned by the National Trust, and well worth spending the day here.  Heading toward the winter garden first, we encounter thes beautiful `touchable` trees Yo

Winter comes with a vengeance!

Winter struck at the beginning of December with a very sharp freeze, then some snow. After that a respite until 19 December when we had a really good snowfall. Having not had a good snowfall for some time, I took to the lanes (with boots) to get some photos - it was spectacular. Which way to go first - if you can read it! Yes, the frost was severe! From our guttering. Church railings Everything had a layer of snow on it. No one has been this way today. Even the most familiar places take on a new perspective in the snow and a few images near home illustrate the fact, for me at least! Next day the cloud had cleared and the images had the benefit of a blue sky. Normally a large grassy play area for the kids. They were there later playing snowballs. From the far side of the MIll Pond and looking toward the footbridge. Similar to the above but including the mill House. Just catching the morning sun.

A wander among Suffolk mills, skies and harvest.

Suffolk is known for its BIG skies and has inspired many artists to pitch their easels in the countryside and paint what is before them - or pick up a camera and try to capture the image as I do! Harvest time is one of the good times to see Suffolk skies at their best, with the contrast between golden corn and blue sky with white fluffy clouds. Magic! Masters of air - the windmill and aircraft Pakenham Mill is a Grade II listed tower mill which has been restored and is maintained in working order. It was built in 1831.Clement Goodrich was the miller in 1846, when he took on an apprentice. The mill came into the ownership of the Bryant family in 1885. A steam engine was used as auxiliary power. In 1947, the mill was nearly tail-winded, but the miller managed to turn the cap in time to avoid this happening.  What, you may ask, is that?Well, apparently a windmill caught with the wind blowing towards the rear side of its sails, has a risk of reversal of rotatio