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Agriculture - April Gill Moon Challenge

This Challenge gave me a rather tough time as there is not a lot happening on the fields around here in April. Fields have mostly started to grow, so maybe some spraying but not a lot else. However, a few drives around the area gave us some ideas, as we could include animals, machinery, and the like. Anything, in fact, that said `agriculture`. The first port of call was a field with five, (yes five!) tractors in it, mounding up potatoes. The patterns created were interesting, so to start, a few images of them in action. I just love symmetry! This time I capture four tractors in one frame This field is possible of onions given the patterns - groups of four mounds Plastic is omnipresent on farms. It is used to wrap silage, to cover crops, in tubing for irrigation and to transport feed and fertiliser. According to a 2010 report from Defra, 45,000 tonnes of agricultural plastics are produced every year in the UK. The biggest contributor to this problem, making up over 40% of the total agri