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The Essex & Suffolk Hunt

The Essex & Suffolk Hunt is reputed to have been started by Sir William Rowley in 1791 with a pack of hounds purchased from the Duke of York. The pack was kept in kennels at Tendring Park, Stoke by Nayland. In the mid 19th Century the kennels were moved to Stratford St Mary by Captain White. During the second World War the kennels moved to their present location at Layham but it was not until after the War that it was decided that the Essex and Suffolk sides should join up and the country has been hunted as a whole ever since. Although I am not a fan of hunting, it is interesting to see what is an established part of country life for many people. I walk past the kennels several times a week, so see the hounds exercising regularly. It never ceases to amaze me how the Kennel Huntsman controls the hounds on the roads around here - very skillful indeed. Heading for pre meeting drinks. `One must have a sip of the hard stuff before one rides off` `Thank you