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Emily enjoys the park

One of the joys of young babies and even slightly older ones, is their wonderment at the most mundane of things!  Emily is nearly one year old and a visit to the park was amusing to watch and one wondered, just what was she thinking as she explored her surroundings. Emily with proud mum That man there who is pointing at you, is Grandad Let's start by seeing you stand on your own, and then you can go and explore. OK, so what is bright yellow thing? Let`s touch it and perhaps give it a pull. Yuck! something sticky on my fingers now. You take it Grandad Now to get something for mummy. Here you go mummy! Now, who else is there I can give something to? Home

Time with Adam

Adam, our grandson, spent several days with us during the first half of 2011 and hopefully enjoyed himself in the various activities we did together. He seemed to anyway, and we certainly did! Lets help Nanna water the polythene First pictures are of Nanna explaining the hidden secrets of the rings on a tree that had been felled in Arger Fen.  Then I will have my picture taken on a tree stump.  Arger fen has the most magnificent display of bluebells and Adam ran up and down the steps in the part of the woods so that we could get a blurred image. Bless him!  Without the blur!  Next was a trip to see the steam trains at Hedingham railway museum  Catching insects in among the poppy display in the Oilseed Rape field near home. This year we had one of the best poppy displays for many a year.  However, the Oilseed Rape was so tall in places that he had to have a `piggy back` which he loved.