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Flowers in the landscape - with Gill Moon

This session with Gill was to two locations - both coastal - one to Aldeburgh and the other to Shingle Street. These are two beaches which have a variety of flowers on the beach area and amongs the boats and other paraphernalia. Obviosly, most of the images feature boats, but the flowers are quite spectacular in unexpected places. Hers are a few of my offerings! These first three show the flowers in the landscape and amongs the general objrcts of the area  ..... generally boats .... .... but not always! These two images above show flowers in general patches around the beach. Other large clumps of flowers are around the sheds and posts etc All of the above images were taken at Aldeburgh, and those below are from Shingle Street. These lower ones focus on individual flowers. Bee Orchid. Not too common but a beautiful flower  Vipers Bugloss and the same below. Vipers Bugloss   It was very interesting focusing on the flowers on the beaches because it is not generally an area associated wi

Helmingham Hall Gardens - Birthday visit

Helmingham Hall is a spectacular place to visit and I have visited several times. On my birthday, Rosey took me back to wander the beautiful gardens (and buy me lunch!) as a birthday treat - it was lovely. Many events are held here during the year, but just walking around the estate and gardens is well worth a visit. The moated hall, built in 1510 and still occupied by the the Tollomache family, the family that built it originally. A couple of the sculptured shrubs in the walled garden A mass of beautiful Allium A general view of one of the many pathways Close up of Allium head Love In A Mist Peony Not sure of the name of this flower Lovely white roses All in all a lovely walk around the gardens followed by lunch in the Cafe - thanks Rosey! Home