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Norfolk Broads - Windmills and water

Norfolk is a county that we have not explored to any great degree, and this was a very cursory look around the area we were staying in. We stayed in Clippesby, a small village within the Great Yarmouth Borough Council area, and located on the B1152 and surrounded by the Norfolk Broads. Besides water everywhere, the other thing you become aware of is the huge number of windmills / windpumps, which seem to be everywhere. They do make a great photo at times. Here a couple of evening images of windmills beside the Broads. Very peaceful, and what a place to spend the night in your barge. These windmills come in a range of shapes and sizes. This one reminding me of a skeleton windmill. Then there are boats of all shapes and sizes. The Broads attracts more than 7 million visitors a year. All sorts of activities such as boating, cycling, canoeing, fishing, walking and wildlife-watching are ways visitors, and those living here, enjoy the area. As fo