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Dover Castle and the White Cliffs

A short trip to Dover was today's plan. The castle and the WW2 underground tunnels being our main focus, followed by a visit to the National Trust site to get a photo or two of the White cliffs. We parked our car, and ticket purchased, we made our way into the Castle area. It is breath taking in its scale and you can see why tourists flock here from abroad. Being near the ferry terminal might help! We spent several hours wandering around and reading and listening at the many information spots.  The Medieval Colton Gateway of Dover Castle - The entrance though which Roman, Saxon and probably their Iron Age predecessors once entered their respective fortifications. St Mary in Castro, or St Mary de Castro, is a church in the grounds of Dover Castle. It is a heavily restored Saxon structure, built next to a Roman lighthouse which became the church bell-tower. St Mary serves the local population and is the church of the Dover Garrison. There are records of