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Seals at Horsey

Roughly half of the world’s population of grey seals are found around Britain, their protection is of international conservation importance. It is one of our largest mammals but is still vulnerable to disturbance during the pupping season. Grey seals come ashore at Horsey & Winterton to breed during the winter months. Horsey offers a great opportunity to view the seals from the viewing platforms and for wildlife watching although it is very important to respect the seals and not to disturb them or their environment. Unfortunately people ignore all the guidance as to the welfare of these creatures, so here is a reprint of the Friends Of Horsey Seals Guidance: THIS IS AN URGENT MESSAGE to please treat these beautiful animals with the ultimate respect they deserve. Human intervention can easily prove fatal to Seals and in particular their Pups, so please ensure you adhere to the following rules when visiting the beach: KEEP YOUR DISTANCE Maintain a distance of at least 10 metres betwe