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Landguard Scavenger Hunt with Gill Moon

The idea of the Scavenger Hunt was to start with a list of words supplied by Gill, and your task was to walk the area with camera in hand and match what you see, to the list of supplied words. Open to interpretation, and nothing is really wrong - just your viewpoint matters. It`s great fun and certainly makes you observe your surroundings very carefully. The first image is in fact not in the hunt for me, although some people used it. It is in fact  a Thames Barge returning from the Pin Mill annual barge race on the previous day. Thames Barge off the coast at Landguard Point Image 1:   Person in the landscape . I thought she fitted the bill but I must confess it was initially the dog which attracted me. Image 2: Nice easy one in that area - Ship or boat. Image 3: Natural and man made Image 4: Repetition - railings and containers. Image 5: Curves or lines Image 6: Part of something Image 7: Historic or old - easy with the old fort next to you! Image 8 & 9: I cheated a bit here and