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Ipswich - Graffiti and other art

Ipswich has a range of Art dotted around the town and these are just three of the ones I photographed today. More to follow later. Then I wandered along some of the river side to look at the Graffiti. The first one,`Giles`, is one of my favourites. The Giles Statue, also known as 'The Grandma Statue', depicts the popular cartoon family from famous Ipswich-based illustrator Carl Giles, Britain's best loved cartoonist  Carl Giles drew weekly topical cartoons and comic strips for the Daily Express and Sunday Express that often included characters from his fictional 'Giles Family' of which the Grandma was the most popular character. Other characters from the family that also feature on the statue are The Twins, Lawrence and Ralph and Rush the dog. Also just behind is Vera with her constant runny nose! This bronze statue depicting Gile's most beloved characters was unveiled in 1993, just 2 years before the cartoonist died. The statue is positioned s