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The Olympic flame arrives in Ipswich

This was the year when the Olympics came to London. Probably the only time I shall ever see all the excitement that surrounds this global event - was when the flame came to Ipswich! It was due into town in the evening and great excitement was in the air. I was there! As the crowds gathered, the anticipation heightened until this familiar vehicle appeared, heralding the approach of - something at least! Police escorts, always a feature of these events, paved the way. The entourage continues. The crowd gathering. Who were the two lads I wondered? Everyman and his dog was there. The dog had put his best wheels on (Poor thing) And then THE Flame appeared!!. Do you know - I haven't a clue who the torch bearer was! That was it for the evening. All over. But tomorrow I shall return to see the flame leave Christchurch Mansion. Home