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Emily at play with Bailey

Emily our granddaughter, spent some time with us today and helped nanna in the garden doing some watering. Bailey, the dog, decided that this looked fun, and joined in with these new young people. Give us a kiss Emily, says Bailey Yes, a real wet one! Emily decides she likes this dog, and ventures to stroke him. This way, says Emily A few images of a more reflective Emily Home

Winter bites but spring resists

As is to be expected for this time of year, snow came and carpeted the countryside in its silent white blanket. The world appears to be locked into a cold blanket, but if you look around the signs of Spring can be seen. Not to be deterred by the cold, the colours of spring bring hope that this is only temporary. The River Brett is partially frozen at my favourite location, Layham MIll. At Benton End the horse still finds food.  St Mary`s Church in Hadleigh Another view of the Brett, flowing freely just here. Workman struggling to move his barrow full of tools! And, of course, SPRING poking through the snow to bring cheer to us all. Home