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Beauty in Nature - 21 days in July

Sometimes it is awe inspiring to consider the variety in nature that surrounds us, and which we often take for granted, or just plain `don't see`! The images that follow were all taken by me in a period of 21 days in July and could pass unnoticed if I had been in a rush. Unfortunately, for many people there is little alternative to the modern day hustle and bustle. I am one of the lucky ones, I know. Firstly, the star of the week for me ...... ....... the Fen Raft Spider. The Raft spider is a large, chunky spider that lives around the edge of ponds and ditches, and on wet heaths and bogs. Adults sit at the edge of the water, or on floating vegetation, with their front legs resting on the water's surface in order to feel for the vibrations of potential prey. Using the surface tension of the water, they chase out on to the water to catch their prey, which will even include tadpoles or small fish. Raft Spiders will also swim underwater, often diving beneath the surf

Fire! Fire!

A Sunday morning walk around the lanes of Layham and Shelley was a fairly regular route at the weekend, but the rather close sound of fire engines was certainly not normal! So, looking around at the skyline, I soon spotted a plume of smoke, luckily blowing away from me. It appeared to be only a couple of fields away. As luck would have it I was carrying my camera, so made my way toward the fire.  In the village of Shelley lives a man who is a thatcher by trade, and unfortunately it was his store in a nearby barn that had caught fire. By the time I arrived, the building was well alight. At this stage the building was standing - to a degree. One fireman pours water into the building.  The owner looks on helplessly - it's all in someone else's hands.    Gradually the whole building collapses into a burning heap.  All the firemen can do is keep it under control, and dampen down. When you stand outside the site of the f