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The seaside town of Cromer in Norfolk

Cromer is a traditional seaside resort and is famous for its pier, home to a lifeboat station and Pavilion Theatre, where the UK’s only remaining traditional end of the pier variety show takes place each Summer and Winter. The pier is an enduring example of Victorian architecture, having withstood many storms, tidal surges and even an attempt to blow it up by the Government in WW2 to prevent the pier being used as a landing strip for enemy invaders! Glad they decided not to! This was a passing visit so had to take a few images. Firstly the famous pier with a stormy sky in the background A couple of images of the cliffs and beach huts. On the path leading down to the promenade, a peek over the edge revealed these steps which instantly appealed to me. The curves and lines just said `take a picture of me` - well, not literally. At the bottom of these steps was this `compass` which this couple obviously `took a shine` to as well. The whole area was in f

Bugs galore - nature's little wonders

The end of May and beginning of June are great times to see some of the many insects that we have and which are still in good numbers. These images are all taken near home again, and highlight a small but stunning world, most of us are almost unaware of in our busy lives! This little chap is the red-headed or 'common' cardinal beetle (Pyrochroa serraticornis). It is a red to orange beetle with, as the name suggests, a red head. It is about 20 millimetres (0.79 in) long, and is found throughout Britain A scarce chaser (Libellula fulva) is a species of dragonfly. This one I believe is either a juvenile or a female. The adult male has a bright blue abdomen with patches of black, while the adult female and juvenile male each have a bright orange abdomen. It is about 45 mm in length with an average wingspan of 74 mm. This dragonfly is considered a species of special concern in Great Britain due to loss of its specific ideal habitat.  Banded Demoiselle