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A view of Chester - Part 1 of 2

One of the first places we passed on our way to Chester town centre, was some Roman remains. The History of Chester can be dated back to the Romans who named Chester Deva (pronounced Dewa) after the spirit of the River Dee. Roman Chester was considered as important then as Londinium (London). The Romans didn't just create a small fort here, they meant to stay, building a city for their 20th Legion. The Romans built Chester as a strategic position at the centre of Roman Britain, with plans to sail from the River Dee to invade Ireland and North Wales.  In the Roman gardens Part of the Chester Roman Amphitheatre - the largest amphitheatre to be found in Britain. The Chester Roman Amphitheatre, was built to serve the fort of Deva. It was used as a multi-purpose entertainment centre for the troops stationed here, and also as a training ground. Installed in 1899, the Eastgate Clock is positioned on the bridge over Eastgate Street in the city of Chester, the